Hope & Wonder Theater classes seek to improve learning and literacy through theater play. We utilize Viola Spolin’s improvisation and Paul Sill’s story theater techniques to teach children the wonders of story telling, theater making, improvisation, shadow puppets, play- writing, public speaking, brain-storming, Team Work, and critical thinking skills.  

Hope & Wonder theater classes are all about the child. The children become co-creators in the process, giving them a sense of accomplishment. Our goal is not only to teach children about theater, but also to teach children empathy through character work. In this way we hope to create not only better students, but also  more empathic citizens.

According to the early childhood theorist Neva Boyd, children learn through play. Story Theater and improvisation helps children become better writers, better readers and better thinkers. In the words of the great theater teacher Viola Spolin, a student of Neva Boyd “We are never more alive than when we are at play.” 

In H&WTC children actively engage in adapting classic stories from page to stage, such as Chicken Little, Three little pigs and Stone Soap. They learn empathy through character work and teamwork through staging the plays using minimal props, improvisational games, and story theater techniques. 

Hope & Wonder Theater classes Can also help special needs children with ADHD and Dyslexia. Through rhyming exercises, classic theater games that utilize executive regulation, and good old-fashioned fun, children gain confidence and a sense of hope and wonder about their world.




Natalie Picoe Founder

Talented Guest Instructors

Joe de Gise III

Rose Ginsberg

Doriane Swain